Sunday, 25 November 2007

Mr Pianoman

He sat at the piano of the hotel, gently playing. His long fingers caressed the keys. His eyes closed as he let the music wrap around him and take him to another world.

He didn’t realise he was being watched from the door. It was late or early depending how you looked at it! She’d heard music coming from the ballroom and frowned. No one was supposed to be in there. She straightened her managers’ jacket and went to give whoever hell.

Once at the door, which was open a little, hence her hearing it, she realised she knew the song, it was ‘Kissed by an Angel’. She loved that album, and that song in particular got to her. She pushed the door open and stepped inside. Her breath slammed into her throat and stayed there. It was him, David. She’d been on holiday last week and forgotten they were due to stay here. She closed the door quietly behind her, turning the lock. She grinned at her own boldness.

She’d had a crush on this man for over 20 years, now she would see if he’d fulfil a fantasy she’d had!

David’s head whipped around when he heard a chair being bumped, and stopped playing. He turned so his legs were either side of the stool. A shadow moved towards him. Lord he hoped it wasn’t a ghost! He squinted, the shadow came closer. His heart nearly leapt out of his chest. His breath whooshed out as he realised it was a woman in the hotel uniform. ‘Hey darlin you scared the shit outta me!’ His face lit up with a smile, his blue eyes sparkling.

He checked her out, average height, nicely stacked, long legs. But damn her hair was pulled back in a bun. His fingers itched!

‘Sorry about that Mr Bryan. But I heard the music, and then I saw you. I wonder if you could help me.’ She walked closer to him. Lord he was fit! Good sign, he’d checked her out and was smiling. Well she chuckled; let’s see if he’s still smiling when she’d asked him.

‘I’ll help you with whatever you want darlin! And it’s David.’ He flashed another smile. Damn she was hot, even with the bun. He gulped as she started to undo the buttons of her jacket. Hot damn! The jacket fell to the floor.

‘Well you see, David, I’ve been a fan forever, and where as my girlfriends have always had the hots for Jon and Richie, my eyes always been caught by YOU! Your long fingers, rock hard thighs and those killer arms of yours have been in many a fantasy of mine.’ She reached up and undid the first four buttons of her blouse, just so he could see the mounds of her breast. He groaned she smirked.

She moved towards him, sashaying slowly, her hips swaying seductively. She pulled her blouse from her skirt, his eyes boring into her. She licked her lips; his eyes followed, and then unconsciously mimicked her. Her thoughts went wild, oh what he could do with that tongue on me, and she shuddered!

He cleared his throat. ‘And what is that fantasy of yours?’ Please God, I’ll never ask for anything again, just make sure it’s me she really wants and not some sick joke of Jon and Richie’s!

She stepped up onto the low stage, and drew close to her goal. She stood next to him, his head on the same level as her breast. She could feel the heat coming from him, and the lust in his eyes was there to see. He would probably see the same in hers. She reached her hand out, he noticed it trembled so it wasn’t a set up, she really wanted him!! Her hand lovingly touched his cheek, her fingers lightly running downwards till her fingers slowly slipped over his lips. His mouth opened and caught one, gently taking it in, slowly laving it with his tongue, sucking, and then letting it go.

Her breath hitched in her throat, heat pooling in her panties. She let out a moan. David’s dick sprang to attention even more at the sound of her. She moved her hand to his hair; it was soft, springy and gorgeous. He couldn’t take his eyes off her face; the look of shear contentment there blew him away. She placed her other hand on the other side of his head, and looked down into his eyes.

‘My fantasy is just this, me a piano, and.’ She paused, he swallowed. ‘You!’ He jerked as what she said hit home. FUCK! Not giving him time to answer she lowered her mouth to his, gently, almost reverently she kissed him, butterfly wings whispered over his lips. Groaning his hands came up and grasped her thighs, and pulled her to him even more.

She felt the heat of his hands on her, she leaned back, he moaned at the separation. His eyes looked at her, through slits, ‘Why’d you stop babe?’ she grinned and swooped back to his lips, her tongue pushing into his mouth, their tongues duelling, slipping over each other, licking, biting, wanting more.

David’s hands wandered to her ass and squeezed, she whimpered. His hands slowly moved downwards, running over the backs of her legs, till he reached the hem of her skirt. Then his hands touched warm flesh, she shivered. His long fingers ran under the hem, he wrapped both hands about her legs and started to slowly drag them back up her legs.

She let go of his mouth and gasped as a wave of desire crashed through her system, her legs turning to mush. She sagged against him, trying to catch her breath. His unoccupied mouth wandered into the cleavage he’d seen before. He flicked his tongue through the gap of her blouse, her head fell back, desire swamping her. Damn he really should register that thing as a lethal weapon.

She noticed his hands had come to an abrupt halt, and looked down at him. ‘Well sugar as much as I love these tight skirts, you can only get just so far.’ His hands were stuck half way up her thighs, the skirt not giving an inch. He took his hands from beneath the skirt, and grinning wickedly, stood up. She moved back to accommodate the space he seemed to swallow up.

When he fully stood up she came just to his chest. Lord this man was big! She glanced down and noticed his dick straining at the zip. Oh my god was the only coherent thought, he’s big all over! She palmed him through the jeans, and rubbed him teasingly. ‘Well I guess this is all for me?’ Looking up she smiled into his eyes.

He laughed, ‘Well I don’t see any other hot for me woman hanging about. You look warm let me help you out, out of those clothes.’ He smirked wickedly. His hands went to that bothersome skirt and had it undone and at her ankles in seconds, she chuckled and kicked it away. Then those long fingers came upwards, smoothing over her blouse, up brushing the sides of both breast, her nipples painfully erect, begging for his touch. He gently ‘played’ her nipples like he plays the piano. She knows that her panties are now soaked, and he’s hardly touched her.

He delicately undoes the rest of her buttons, it hangs open. Lord have mercy! He looks down his present and sees that he’s unwrapped a woman that loves stockings and suspenders, no hold ups here. The panties and bra are a pale lilac, damn; she fills that bra out wonderfully.

She stands there mesmerised at his fingers gently plucking her tender breasts. Her breath catches in her throat as he carefully finishes unbuttoning her blouse. The back of his hands catch her stomach and it quivers. All this and he wasn’t inside her yet. Her insides clenched with the thought. The fog from her brain cleared a little and she realised he’d nearly got her naked, and he, still fully clothed!

She glanced at him fire flickering in her eyes. ‘My turn!’ His breath hissed through his teeth at what he saw, and dropped his hands to his sides.

‘Darlin, do what you want.’

She raised her hand and wrapped it in his hair. She pulled his head down; there was no gentleness as lips and teeth clashed. The kiss was explosive, she poured all her want and need into it. David clung to it like a man drowning, being sucked into the vortex that was this woman.

Her nimble hands had his shirt off in seconds flat. She moved back, and lovingly touched his joker. Her mouth following her fingers, where the tattoo finished just above his nipple she carefully bit him. A long low moan escaped him; grasping her hips he rubbed himself against her. She continued to lave his tattoo, always missing his nipple. He took hold of her head and placed her directly in front of it. Locking eyes with him, she leaned in and lightly flicked his nipple, the groan ripped itself from deep within him, and he bucked at her. Her lips surrounded him, and then worried it. Her other hand flicked his other nipple, and then she switched sides, continuing to drive him to the edge.

Her fingers moved to his belt, then his fly. His dick was straining nearly bursting it. Carefully she pulled the tab down, he sprang free. ‘Why David, commando!’ Smirking at him she wrapped her hand around his steel shaft, rubbing the pre cum down his shaft.

David’s mind was coloured red with all the passion flying through it. When she started to lick his tat he nearly lost it. He was holding on by a thread, his chest heaving like he’d run a marathon. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away from him. ‘Keep that up and I’m not even gonna get in ya!’ He dipped his head and trailed his lips and tongue down the side of her neck, biting her, making her squirm against him. Bad move jackass!

He worked his way around her, so he was now at her back. Still kissing her neck his hands came around her and took her breast in his large hands. He squeezed them, rubbing his palm over the nipples, tugging on them through the blouse and bra. She sagged against him and caught his dick. Hell and damnation I’m not safe anywhere near the woman.

Moving his hands from her breast he gently removed the blouse completely. He went to kneel, and nearly ripped his dick off with the open zipper. Wincing some, he shucked them off and dropped to his knees behind her. She tried to turn, ‘No little darlin stay there, I need to cool off a bit before I go off like a freakin teenager.’ He felt her chuckle then scream as he bit her ass cheek. Her legs gave out and he only just managed to support her. She recovered, and he manoeuvred them in front of the piano keys.

‘Darlin, brace yourself on here.’ Making sure her legs were slightly apart. She did just that as he kissed the middle of her back, and licked down to the edge of her panties. His hands raced up the back of her legs, and one snuck between her legs and found her soaking. ‘Awwww, is all that for me?’ Throwing her earlier words back at her. He brushed his fingers over her panties again and again, till she was nearly sobbing for him to take her.

His other hand crept up her front, found the bra clasp and one handed unhooked it. See practice does make perfect he thought. He pulled it off, still tormenting her with his other hand. Then he withdrew and she moaned with frustration. Chuckling he turned her; her ass now on the keys, he saw her eyes were glazed and she was panting. He sat up and latched straight onto her left nipple, a scream left her again. Her ass rising and then smashing back down on the keys.

As his lips took her nipple a crashing orgasm over took her, throwing her into oblivion. He continued to suckle gently at her while she came down. Her juices dripped onto the keys. When he knew she was back from the edge, he started all over again. He licked, kissed and nibbled his way from her breast to the panties. He kissed the mound though them. He now saw how wet they were. And I’ve not really touched her, yet! With that thought running around like an un-medicated lunatic, he took her panties and slowly dragged them off her.

He laughed when he realised she still had her shoes on, not CFM ones, well she is at work, they went flying. He looked up and swallowed hard, all she had left were the suspender belt and stockings. The blood roared in his head. She had a wanton and wild look in her eyes. He stood up quickly, his hands going to her hair. He pulled the pins out one by one, till her wonderful auburn hair split down her back and covered her breast, the ends curling around her nipples. ‘That’s better.’ Then he kissed her with every fibre of his being.

His hand snaked downwards, and crept into her curls, finding her nub, his long fingers danced over it, he was playing a sonata in his head, her bud the keys. Her head fell backwards, hair sprawling over the top of the piano, a keening moan leaving her lips. His dick jumped and twitched. He forced her legs father apart, making her sit forward, nearly on the edge of the keys.

Those fingers she’d always been fascinated in plunged into her, she screamed, then mewed. He pulled back then pushed two more into her. Her hips trying to push forward, but her legs could hardly touch the floor! Her juices ran over his fingers. As she thought she couldn’t take any more, his hot tongue wrestled its way through her curls, and onto her nub. He sucked, and she came, again!

He couldn’t get over how responsive she was. One touch and she’d gone over again. Damn he must be good! He pulled the stool back and sat down on it. Sliding her off the keys and onto his lap, his dick begging to dive into her, but he didn’t. He sat her there letting her come back down again. She felt good in his arms.

Her breathing slowed and her head was in the crook of his shoulder. Lord that was hot! She felt his dick twitch between her thighs and her clit swelled with wanting. He’d made her cum twice now, and he’d had nothing. Raising her head she kissed him long and slowly tasting herself on his lips. She nibbled down his neck; she moved off his lap and sank between his knees. His eyes snapped open as she’d moved off his lap, thinking she was leaving. When she dropped to her knees, he swallowed, knowing what she intended to do. He was torn, he wanted to feel that luscious mouth on his dick, but he wanted to bury himself in to the hilt and never look back.

She kissed his tat again, stroking it with her tongue. She’d fantasised about doing that since he’d had it done. She chuckled thinking every fantasy she’d had about him never came close to this. She caressed his pecs, flicked his nipples, making him moan loudly. Working her way towards her goal, that nestled in a nest of golden curls. His shaft jumping with each touch, wanting to play so badly; her tongue flicked out and played with his opening. His thighs rose off the stool and she pushed him back down.

She looked up and saw his eyes now dark and clouded with desire looking down at her, she licked her lips. He had a death grip on the stool, his muscles bulging with the effort not to grab her. She winked at him, and turned back to his shaft, her hot mouth swallowing it straight down to the root, her nose pressed into his hair. David shouted, his head back, the chords of his neck standing out, refusing to cum. She sucked and hummed for a while, driving him to the edge, and then letting him hang there, so near, so close.

He was sweating, every vein in his body stood out. Her mouth was sucking him, licking, and nibbling, gently biting him, playing with his slit, fondling his balls, till he grabbed her hair, and yanked her up and slammed his mouth down onto hers. He fucked her with his tongue. While his long, beautiful fingers pushed into her, making her moan into his mouth.

Ripping his mouth from her, and removing his fingers, breathing heavily he managed to choke out, ‘Darlin this is your fantasy, tell me what you want from me?’ He leant in and brushed a butterfly kiss over her lips.

She couldn’t believe he just stopped! Then she realised what he’d said, and smiled at him. ‘My fantasy has always been you, fucking me, over or on the piano I know you’re going to play, so you can smell me when you get near it.’ She held her breath. Would he?

A big ass grin spread over his face, ‘Holy fucking Christ! Have you been in my head? I’ve always wanted to, but never have done that.’ He landed and smacking great kiss on her lips, still grinning like a little school boy. He pulled her up as he stood, their body’s moving together. ‘Why don’t you brace yourself again? I think this will make it easier on you.’

She stood, her thighs leaning on the keys, her arms on top of the piano, her legs splayed. She was wide open, and she loved it. David gently pulled her back a bit so her ass stuck out. He caressed her backside, his long fingers smoothing up and over her hip bone, then down to her curls. His fingers finding her nub and started to play it again, she drenched his hands, moaning loudly. Soon he’d be in her; the juices ran faster at the thought. Her hips bucked at his hand.

She felt him move close behind her, he removed his fingers and grasped her hips. Positioning himself, his shaft surged forward, and slipped into her waiting warmth. She screamed, pulsing about him. He stopped, letting them both calm down. He filled her, her senses swimming with him. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, and how right this felt.

He pulled back, right to her entrance, and then slammed back in, his groan matching hers. He had a death grip on her hips. His hips started pumping faster and faster, he could feel himself running close to the edge, but he didn’t want to go over just yet. He pulled out, she felt the loss, and what was he doing.

He turned her, kissed her savagely, his hands in her hair, holding her for a kiss that seared her to her bones. Lethal weapon flitted through her mind again, then was thrown into the fray and lost. ‘I want to see you when you cum.’ He whispered into her mouth, claiming it again. He gently lowered them to the floor, the carpet rough on her back, him knowing he’d have carpet burns on his knees, but not caring.

He covered her body with his; he left her lips so he could raise himself on his hands to watch her face as he thrust into her once again. Her eyes closed as she welcomed him back, her hips thrusting in time with his as he pounded into her. She wrapped her legs about his waist and clung on for grim death, his pace picking up, and driving deeper into her.

Her head was thrashing side to side, inner muscles tightening. Her whole torso arched off the floor, her arms going around his neck, hands spearing his hair, lips locking together. ‘Oh god David I’m cuuuum ………’ Her orgasms slammed into her one after another.

He felt her fly over the edge once again, this time he was deep inside her, he felt her contractions all around him, milking him till he too flies over the edge and into oblivion, his body trying to get deeper into hers, their lips mirroring that. He collapses on top of her, and then rolls them so his ass is the one on the scratchy carpet. She snuggles into him, kissing his chest, secure with his arms locking her to him.

‘Damn David you are good sweetie, better than any fantasy I could come up with.’ She says groggily. She can hear his heart still beating a mile a minute. Her fingers are playing with his curls. ‘I’m so glad you didn’t let anyone talk you out of having your hair curly, I just love it.’ She twiddles with it some more.

‘I’m only good! Christ woman you’ve just about drained me for the next decade and all you can say is I’m good!!’ He huffs.

‘Babe, that was a bloody big compliment. But if you want to try and up your rating, I may be persuaded to reconsider.’ And evil grin flashed through her eyes.

He groaned and kissed the top of her head and squeezes her tightly. ‘Yeah I could, maybe give it a go. But hell I want a bed this turn around! Aren’t you going to be missed though?’

‘Nope, I’ve just finished my shift. I’ve got till later tonight before I’m due back.’

‘Well then lets get dressed, and head for my room, and see if I can fulfil any more of your wildest fantasy’s for ya! But remember I’m an old man!’

She laughed and crawled off him, held out her hand, ‘Looks like this week could be really interesting!’